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School of Cultural Diplomacy








WAALM - School of Cultural Diplomacy - SCD is a division of The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM

(a non-for-profit organisation), which offers distance learning  further and continuing education online for adults.


It  consists of five departments:


  - Traditions and Cultural History

  - Communications

  - Arts and Literature in Humanities

  - Public Relations and Media

  - Human Rights Education


Each department is led by a team of highly acclaimed WAALM award winning Scholars and a selected Adjunct Professors from the most renowned universities and institutions around the world.


WAALM School of Cultural Diplomacy is a secular, non-governmental organisation (NGO) and belongs to no political party.





Affiliation & Partnership:


WAALM-SCD is an Institutional Memeber of ACUNS -

The Academic Council On The United Nations System



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WAALM-SCD is a member of International Peace Bureau - IPB, Geneva, Switzerland











                      WAALM is a Non-for-Profit Organisation (Limited By Guarantee)

Reg. No in England & Wales: 06696148

Reg. Address: Dept 287, 601 International House, 223 Regent St. London,

W1B 2QD England

School of Cultural Diplomacy is a Division of WAALM  

WAALM 2009-2010






To assist the expansion of Cultural Diplomacy throughout the world and to facilitate Recognition, Understanding and Dialogue among individuals and

organisations through international education and programmes



To  assist  the prevention of  use of hard power and to encourage tackling crisis through Cultural Diplomacy.



Shared Vision and Respect Humanity.