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School of Cultural Diplomacy







Entry Qualification:


- Undergraduate degree or equivalent from a recognised



- Advanced English Language Skills:


WAALM – School of Cultural Diplomacy accepts:

(For more details click on each examining body)


-  IELTS (Band 6 or higher)


- TOEFL(Total Score 79 -  Reading 23; Writing 27)

PLT (Level 4 or higher)


Alternatively, applicants can take WAALM – SCD’ EFL Test. Please email Administration for further information on this.


Certification of English language skills not required for Native Speakers of English or those whose prior qualifications were attained in the English language.




WAALM-SCD  does not provide any sponsorship letters or invitation to physically travel and study in the UK.


Any institution is under no obligation to accept any qualification from any awarding body, national or foreign, accredited or unaccredited. The acceptance of awards remains a matter for individual institutional decisions and policies.


Please check thoroughly before enrolling with us that your award will meet your present and anticipated future needs.




For fee list, click HERE





15% course fee reduction as scholarship will 

 be granted to:


- UNESCO Associated Schools

- Members of United Nations Associations

- Members of Amnesty International

- Active Promoters & Educators of Human Rights


* Individuals and organisations from the less privileged countries such as Africa are advised to contact our International Officer for a regional fee list.




Learning Materials:


However some resources and studying materials are provided, certain courses may require  learners to purchase additional materials and textbooks. For information on this, please refer to the details of each subject HERE or contact the Administration.


Technical Requirements:


Learners are required to have:


- A valid email account;

- Access to Internet;

- Webcam (for certain interactive courses);

- Windows® 2000, XP or Vista

- Microsoft® Office 2003 or 2007 Suites

- Microsoft® Word

- Microsoft® Power Point®

- Microsoft® Excel (for certain courses)



    Technical Competencies:


    - Access course and program material on the Web.


    - Correspond with University staff, students, and faculty 

    using e-mail and the Web.


    - Transmit assignments to faculty or other students via

    e-mail and attachments/files.


    - Read/print e-mail and attachments/files from students, 

    staff, and faculty.




    Application Form:



    Please forward your application to the Admissions at:



    Student Guide / Handbook:

    Click on the image to read through


    It is written for applicants and returning students. It is important that you are familiar with its contents.















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      To assist the expansion of Cultural Diplomacy throughout the world and to facilitate Recognition, Understanding and Dialogue among individuals and

      organisations through international education and programmes



      To  assist  the prevention of  use of hard power and to encourage tackling crisis through Cultural Diplomacy.



      Shared Vision and Respect Humanity.